Mercedes-Benz Ice Cream!?!

You can now order Mercedez-Benz soft serve ice cream!! But, only if you are visiting or live in Taiwan within the next month…

Taiwan is the first country in the world to sell “Mercedes-Benz ice cream”. Daimler, Mercedes-Benz parent company, offered up $67k to partner with Taiwanese ice cream maker 8%ice to produce custom-made ice cream as part of a campaign promoting its Smart car brand. This may sound very odd or a crazy product, but I think I would line up just to find out what a Mercedes-Benz flavored cone taste like.

On the very first day, the store sold 2,000 soft serves and more than 5,000 on its second. Customers were lining up for over 10 minutes… just to get this crazy cone! Don’t be fooled though. This Mercedes-Benz ice cream may look like the average soft serve ice cream sold at stores around Taiwan, but it’s actually TRIPLE the price. The flavors of the ice cream are what make it unique and different. They are designed to match the Smart car colors.

So what are these flavors you might ask? For the orange and black Smart Fortwo Brabus Knightblaze, the flavors are cantaloupe and black sesame. And for the purple and white Smart Fortwo Nightpurple the flavors are blueberry and banana. Sounds yummy!

Although, this campaign and the ice cream sales have been extremely successful, it will only run for about a month. Dang. I wish Taiwan was a little closer.



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