Fun Fact Friday!!!

Check out these fun facts about Mercedes-Benz and the movies:

Your Mercedes is a picture perfect car in your eye’s and believe it or not, Hollywood agrees with you! The sleek design and iconic styling make it the automotive darling of directors in all genres. 600-Mercedes-Pullman-Batman-and-Robin-Movie

1. One of the Mercedes’ slogans “Engineered like no other car” was actually inspired by Clint Eastwood after he uttered the phrase when driving a Mercedes out of a window and dropping a few stories into another warehouse in The Rookie.

2. In Jurassic Park, The lost world, a slightly modified version of the first M-Class generation was attacked by two T-Rex’ simultaneously. While the car survived this assault (at least some parts of it), it’s courageous driver ended up as a tasty dinosaur snack.

3. The 1997 Batman and Robin movie features a red 600 Mercedes Pullman called “The Red Baron.” It’s the only one of it’s kind, and before making it’s appearance on the big screen, “The Red Baron” was used to cart around Elvis Presley, Bill Cosby and Jack Nicholson!

4. If you were a robot from outer space, wouldn’t you choose to disguise yourself in the form of a silver Mercedes SLS-Class AMG as well? Yeah, that’s what we were thinking as well. Smart Choice. Transformers, Dark of the moon.

5. Danny Boyle, the director of Slumdog Millionaire, claims that in the film Mercedes asked for their logo to be removed in scenes taking place in the slums because they didn’t want to create an association with poverty that might taint the brand’s image.

4. The famous line “the new hotness” used by the actors in the film Men in Black, Two; was used to describe the E-Class and was actually invented by Will Smith on-set while filming with a brand new E 500.i002423

5. Bobby Ewing seems to have a taste for the best. While he drove a Red 450 SL in the original series back in the eighties he upgraded himself to a S400 Hybrid in the 2012 re-make of the successful TV-Series, Dallas.

6. In The HangoThe-Hangover-Mercedesver, Doug’s future father-in-law loans “the wolfpack” a 1969 280 SE Mercedes Convertible for the drive to Las Vegas. However, the car used didn’t start off as convertibles at all. The production crew chopped the top off the classic coupe to                                                                                               express a more risky and reckless situation.

6.. Princess Vespa’s getaway car in Spaceballs is, in fact, a Mercedes. The dialogue makes sure to point out that this futuristic model has a “moon roof, leather interior, and is not to be barfed on.”

As you can see, your Mercedes truly is a “Silver Star.” Make sure you pamper your Mercedes in that way that it deserves to keep it running and red-carpet ready!

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